10 Clever Interior Design Trick to transform your Home


Whether you are moving into a new home or just looking for ideas to revamp your home on a budget, you just need to know the tricks of the trade to make your house your dream home. Sometimes the smallest tricks make the greatest impacts; be it an artsy mirror on the wall or a subtle change in the wall paint to reflect on the aesthetics of your room, everything counts. Here are some clever design tricks for a pick me up makeover!

  • Accent walls

To make your room exciting and vibrant, paint a textured wall or put wallpaper on one wall to draw focus to it. This makes your room look compact and reduces the effort put into decorating all 4 walls.

  • Paint the smaller rooms with lighter shades

Darker colors make small spaces look smaller. If you want to turn a small room into a living area or even a small bedroom, paint the walls with light hues of lavender, white, ivory or lilac to make it look less cramped.

  • Transparent furniture

This is for those of you who are looking to revamp a studio apartment. Transparent furniture gives the visual illusion of a bigger space. Transparent plastic furniture would add airy and light touch to your interior design.

  • Add indoor plants

Plants significantly add to the micro climate of an indoor space making the air fresher. On top of that they can act as a great accessory to your interior design by adding the right amount of life and liveliness in the otherwise plain spaces.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are used to make small spaces feel larger. Add decorative mirrors to your living space to make the room look more lighted and airier. Decorative mirrors can also be put up as art installations on walls to add to the aesthetics of your interior design.

  • Use different chairs

Using different and quirky chairs will add to the trendy quotient of your house. A statement arm chair is just the right touch to a beautiful living room.

  • Room dividers

Room dividers are great way to separate a large space into smaller cosy areas. They can be made out of scratch to match the interior or you can even use cabinets and shelves to make partitions.

  • Paint or wallpaper your bookcases

Painting your bookshelf with a vibrant color makes the bookshelf pop. This little trick can energizer any room!

  • Use rugs to soften hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain but they can be quite uncomfortable at times. Use rugs to soften your floors and add to the warmth of your room.

  1. Mix up patterns and textures

All good interior decorators swear by this rule. Mixing up patterns and textures add the right amount of quirk to any space and breaks the monotony. Mixing the vintage with the modern is also a very good idea to uplift your room.

We hope this guide can help you create your dream space with maximum efficiency. Happy renovating!

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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