10 Key Things To Consider When Selling Your House

There are ten key things you need to consider when selling you house.

Your bills and finances

First up consider your finances, from notifying your current mortgage provider to sorting out the finances for your new home, and all of the associated moving bills.

The price

Hand in hand with your finances, comes the prices you want for your house, to ensure it is accurate get three valuations. Don’t market the house at too high a price or you’ll put off buyers.


Don’t let your house sale be held up due to missing paperwork, ensure it’s all in place from the word go. Guarantees, services, building regulation certificates are just a few of the things you’ll need in place to help your sale go smoothly.

Your lawyer

When choosing a lawyer ask around for recommendations and see if there are any names which crop up repeatedly. Check if the firm you’re considering is accredited to The Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) – a recognised benchmark for residential conveyancing standards.

How you’ll sell

A key decision when selling your house is who will sell it for you. Do you want to use a local estate agent or an online seller? If time is of the essence, would a company specialising in quick house sales be appropriate, even if you achieve a lower price. Selling a probate property can be especially time-consuming, but if you want a quick home sale, there is help available. Shop around to find the option that will suit you best. Check out the credentials of the companies you’re considering and ensure you understand all of the fees for which you’ll be liable. Get everything in writing before you agree to anything.

Your likely buyer

When getting your house prepared for sale, consider your target market. Do you live in an area with a lot of young families or conversely is it mostly peopled by downsizers? Think about the likely buyer of your home and stage the house accordingly.


The first step to making your home appealing is to declutter and depersonalise the space. Look at your home with fresh eyes and take down decorative items specific to you (like family photos) and declutter each room to maximise the space. Simply leave enough furniture in each room to show its purpose.

Finish odd jobs

Finish all of those odd jobs you’ve been meaning to get around to, from fixing dripping taps to cleaning mouldy grouting. The houses which sell quickest are those which don’t need work doing to them. Leave small jobs undone, and potential buyers will worry what else you haven’t done.


A fresh lick of paint can do wonders to brighten up and refresh a dated home. Choose white or cream to maximise the sense of space, and to appeal to as broad a range of people as possible.


Nothing is a bigger turn-off to potential buyers than a grubby property – so pop on your rubber gloves and start cleaning. The less a potential buyer has to do, the more they can imagine themselves living in your property.
There you have it, ten things you’ll need to consider when selling your home. We hope you’ve found our checklist helpful.

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