10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

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The goal of Social Media Marketing is to create content that can be viewed and shared by the users with their social media network, to broaden their customer base. Social media is a powerful tool to boost your business, if used properly. Social Media Marketing isn’t just having a Twitter or Facebook account, but there is a method to utilize social media effectively. Twitter gives you 140 characters to build a brand. Facebook gives you the ‘like’ button. Google+ gives you a search engine ranking. YouTube gives you views. Instagram gives you followers. Each social networking platform offer different advantages when marketing. Let’s understand some of the basic rules of Social Media Marketing that would help you to go viral:

  • Rule #1: Listen
    Read your audiences’ online content, engage in meaningful discussions with them to understand what is important to them
  • Rule#2: Focus
    Don’t be a Jack of all, and king of none. Instead of being all thing to the people, specialize to build a brand that a brighter chance of success than a broad strategy that want achieves everything there is.
  • Rule#3: Compounding
    The content has to be well tailored, and brought out in such a way that it doesn’t offend anyone or isn’t misleading. Remember, people will follow you only when they find your content interesting and relevant, so if you choose to promote rather than educate your followers, you may lose subscribers.
  • Rule#4: Patience
    This is extremely important. Keep your game plan ready and strike at the perfect moment. Pick your moments. Research a bit and find out the peak hours at which posting new updates will reach the maximum number of audience.
  • Rule#5: Quality
    Instead of opening accounts on all available social media platforms, focus your attention to a few where your target audience spends the maximum time. Active presence on the appropriate social media platform has proven to be more effective than a haphazard approach to cover all possible channels available.
  • Rule#6: Value
    Your business’s social media account should reflect your expertise and professionalism. The idea and brand name should pop out. Also tailor your posts keeping in mind the expectations of your target audience.
  • Rule#7: Influence
    Find online influencers who have a major follower base of quality audience, and who will likely be interested in endorsing in your product.
  • Rule#8: Acknowledgement
    Don’t ignore any customer who reaches out to you for help or feedbacks.
  • Rule#9: Accessibility
    Be available to your audience. Your job doesn’t end with the posts. Make sure you reply to comments, answer to emails and participate in conversations.
  • Rule#10: Reciprocity
    You can also build strategic relationships with other entrepreneurs, who target the same audience but aren’t exactly competing with your company. It’s a great way to help each other find success, and it just might result in a lasting friendship.

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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