10 Surprisingly Simple Strategies For A Quick Home Sale

10 Surprisingly Simple Strategies For A Quick Home Sale

No matter what the real estate market is currently like in your area, selling your home quickly is easier than you might think. Here are 10 simple strategies that you can use to find a qualified buyer as quickly as possible:

1. Clean And De-clutter

Before putting your home on the market, spend time removing as much clutter from the space as possible. You should also clean every surface of your home from top to bottom so that it absolutely sparkles.

2. Freshen Up

After your house is clean, take an honest look at it. Does it look fresh and modern? If not, are there any simple home projects that you could do that would help make it look more up-to-date? For instance, replacing your cabinet hardware in the kitchen or applying a quick coat of paint to the walls can provide a dramatic transformation without having to spend a lot of money.

3. Stage Your Home

A home that is entirely empty is far more difficult to show than one that is beautifully staged. In each room, strategically positioned furniture and accessories. Consider putting out fresh flowers before a showing. If necessary, look at interior design magazines for inspiration.

4. Add Curb Appeal

Most people instantly judge a house the minute that they see it. Because of that, the outside of your home should look as amazing as possible. Clean up your yard, add fresh paint to your front door or porch, and plant flowers in your flower beds. The effort will definitely pay off by making your home more attractive to buyers.

5. Find A Good Agent

Your real estate agent can have a dramatic impact on how quickly your home sells. Look for an agent who has excellent reviews and who is willing to make selling your home a priority.

6. Hire A Professional Photographer

Excellent photos are absolutely essential for a quick sale. Because the vast majority of people shop for houses online, the photos that are included in your listing are often the only introduction that they will have to your home. Make sure that they are as high-quality as possible and that they showcase the best features of your property.

7. List Your Home In As Many Places As Possible

It should be listed on all of the major real estate websites as well as on sites like craigslist.

8. Promote Your Listing Yourself

Don’t rely entirely on your real estate agent. Instead, use social media, local bulletin boards, and other outlets to let people know your home is for sale.

9. Be Flexible

Don’t make it difficult for people to see your home. Instead, work around their schedules so that your agent can show your house to as many potential buyers as possible.

10. Set A Reasonable Price Right Out Of The Gate

Oftentimes, sellers price higher than they want hoping that people will make lower offers. This rarely works out. Instead, by pricing competitively from the start, you will stand a far better chance of finding a buyer.

These 10 tips should help set you up for a fast sale of your home. They are easy to implement and can make a world of difference in how quickly you find a buyer.

Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.

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