4 Tips For Increasing Your Homes’ Appeal

If you’re trying to sell your home right now, you know that it can be difficult. Many people have to sell, or want to sell, and there are a number of foreclosed homes on the market. You need every advantage you can get to make your home sell. Below are three tips to help increase your chance of selling your home: conduct a mini inspection, do some landscaping, and freshen up.

First, download one of those home inspection checklists, and go through it. You don’t have to be a home inspector to accomplish most of what’s on the list. Do the basic checklist: doors and windows open and shut, all light switches and outlets work. waters comes out at the right temperature, all the appliances work, and toilets flush. It sounds really basic, but just one door not opening right, or a window painted shut can put buyers off. If there are several small things, it will make more buyers less interested in your home. So perform a mini inspection, and fix the problems you find.

Landscaping can play a big role in whether people are interested in your home. Most realtors and decorators call it ìcurb appeal.î All it really means is when people pull up in front of your house, they see an inviting home. Mow the lawn, trim the scraggly bushes and trees, remove the dead plants, and clear the grass out from any cracks or gaps in the paving. If it’s winter, make sure the walks are shoveled, and there are no icicles trying to kill your prospective buyers. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, if it’s spring or summer, a few blooming plants can go a long way to improving curb appeal. Your local hardware store will often have inexpensive blooming plants, and colorful pots to put them in. One potted plant on the front stoop, with a freshly mowed lawn, can go a long way.

Freshen up the inside of your house. If you haven’t painted certain rooms in a while, or the paint is marred, peeling, or stained, repaint that room. A few gallons of paint is a small price to pay for getting additional prospective buyers. Also, make sure you don’t have any burned out light bulbs, and cover naked bulbs, even with an inexpensive light shade. Replace any light fixtures that look extremely dated; many hardware stores sell basic, inexpensive light fixtures that look modern. Check your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers: do they slide right or close tight? If they’re painted, do they need a fresh coat? Are the knobs and handles dated? Again, a trip to the local hardware store is in order. Check your carpets, and see if they need cleaning. Many places are doing discounts through group purchase sites, or through online review sites, so see if you can’t get a good deal and splurge on clean carpets.

Small touches, like making sure your doors shut and the shower doesn’t drip can go far in increasing appeal. A pot of flowers, freshly shoveled walkway, or a neatly trimmed hedge can make buyers look twice at your home. Making sure the inside of your home is also fresh helps; paint over those hideously ugly cupboards you’ve always hated but could never be bothered to change. Even in a house that’s advertised as a fixer upper, these small actions can really increase your home’s appeal, and chances of selling.

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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