Affordable Updates To Boost Your Home’s Value

Affordable Updates To Boost Your Home's Value

You paid a lot for your home, plus all of the cash you poured into maintenance and upgrades over the years. To recoup your investment, you want to make sure you get top dollar for your home. To motivate buyers into a quick home sale — since homes start to lose value as they sit on the market — make some affordable upgrades to these crucial areas to boost your home’s appeal and price tag. Here are 4 locations to upgrade and boost your homes’ value on a dime.


Without replacing your large elements — such as the shower enclosure — you can give your bathroom a simple facelift. For example, update the light fixture to something a bit more modern and replace the vanity. Although it sounds expensive, you can find a new, stylish vanity for only a couple of hundred dollars, and then your potential buyers can be dazzled by how clean and fresh it looks.


Few rooms show their age as obviously as the kitchen, from the harvest gold appliances to the chartreuse wallpaper. You probably don’t have the budget to upgrade all of the appliances you’re leaving behind (here’s hoping they’re at least a classic black or white), but you can still modernize some important elements of the room. For example, refacing cabinets can put life back into tired, grimy doors. Consider adding pull-out shelving to maximize hard-to-use spaces inside your cabinets or between cupboards and appliances. Lastly, give your sink area a facelift: Add a cheap and eye-catching backsplash, which can also cover up old stains, and install a new faucet.


Give your lawn a little manicuring before you pound in the sale sign. In addition to mowing the lawn, pruning back unruly bushes and trimming tree branches, do away with excess grass slowly overtaking your sidewalks and driveway. If you want to try something less permanent than planting trees or shrubs, invest in a few large planters to fill with abundant, colorful foliage. An investment of as little as $400 in improving your yard can pay itself back fourfold on the sale price.


Refreshing the exterior of the house — what people see first — is a crucial part of grabbing buyer interest early. Clean up that front door: A can of paint is relatively cheap, but the difference it can make is night and day. Repainting the front door, trim, and garage doors will give your house a fresh, well-maintained look, especially when paired with a solid cleaning. Renting a pressure washer can cost as little as $25, and it can make dingy sidewalks and discolored siding look new again.

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