How to Feel More Energized at Work?

Feel energized

Later on the focus has changed to more and more on the health of the employees, and rightly so because health is wealth and our productivity stems from and reflects on our status of health. To give the best at work one needs to be at the peak of their energy levels. To be energized like that for the whole day at work, follow the following simple hacks.

  • Never skip breakfast

Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day but also the most skipped one! Having breakfast in the morning releases the necessary hormones that makes you feel positive about yourself and keeps you boosted up the whole day. So whatever be the reason, don’t go out without having breakfast.

  • Exercise daily

Research says thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily is the perfect dose of happiness and productivity whose effects stay all day long. The sedentary lifestyle that we are leading these days has no element of physical activity left in it. Everything is just a touch and click away. Because of so much convenience we are becoming more and more lazy by the day and closer to a health hazard of sorts. Keep yourself busy and active to avoid this hazard from hitting you right in the face.

  • Have a light lunch

Experts say having a light lunch keeps your energy at an optimum level for longer duration of time. Having a heavy lunch always leads to dull and lazy afternoon followed by an equally boring evening. On the other hand having a light meal that you enjoy eating is recommended.

  • Take short breaks

Maintaining energy levels at a desk job is a task. Sitting for such long hours drains away all your energy. Therefore take short breaks at regular intervals.  Stretch your hands and legs. Take short walks in the corridor. Not only does this give you a break but also refreshes the mind and doesn’t let your creativity die. This can also be a chance to enhance your workplace relations with your colleagues.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important. The air conditioned workplaces dehydrate our body fast. Drink whenever you feel thirsty but do keep a check that you do not drink less than eight glasses of water a day.

  • Reduce your commute distance

It has been found out that traveling for longer hours to get to work reduces the energy levels and leads to an increase in stress levels and displeasure. It also becomes an easy excuse for missing office and being irregular. Stay close to your workplace and save up time, energy and money on commute.

  • Go early to bed to rise early

Keep your alarm about fifteen minutes early than the actual time you need to wake up. This gives you time to get mentally prepared to get up on time. Whatever be your work hours be it is essential to get seven hours of sound sleep for the body to repair and ready itself for the next day. So early to bed, early to rise does make a man and a woman healthy, wealthy and wise. If you are healthy then you will work, hence get wealthy. Let us not get into the “wise” part of it! Moving on

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