Habits Leaders Should Adopt to Manage Employees Well

One can say that it is easier when you have to work alone, because then you don’t have the added responsibility of a whole team behind you. But at the same time, the things you learn in a team cannot be learnt anywhere else.

Keep in mind that, “Together we can do so much, and alone so less”. Team management may be tough but not impossible to achieve. Here is all you need to know from the employee and employer’s perspective about managing a team.

  • They are your employees and not your pets. Do not leash them!

You cannot expect your employees to keep seated on the same desk from nine in the morning to five in the evening, breaking their backs and work like farm animals. No, there is a distinction that separates them which needs to be acknowledged and respected by managers and bosses. Those who are trying to achieve pin drop silence in the workplace, sorry fellas, that is also not going to happen, because again, it is not a classroom either! Even if you are able to attain this “perfect” state of working in your workplace, then it can only be out of the fear of the position you hold. If you are thinking that productivity increases by doing this then you are living in an illusion.

Of course silence is necessary to concentrate and focus on work. But it shouldn’t be misunderstood with lack of freedom.

Agreed that employees work for you for fixed wages but that’s doesn’t make them your slaves. Do not forget that you too are employed by someone and if not then put yourself in your employee’s shoes to understand his perspective of things.

If you are one such manager and if you are getting stressed over employee management then note that you are doing it wrong and change is the only way forward for you now.

Creative freedom is very essential. Allow your employees to take short breaks to rejuvenate themselves. Let them take short walks, engaging in conversation with other employees or yourself for that matter. Don’t encourage relaxation by using social media.

Give your employees freedom and they will fly, taking your business along with them to new heights!

  • Listen and make yourself heard

Listening is a very important skill that one needs to develop as a leader. The more you listen, the more you learn and grow. Be patient. Listen to what your employees have to say. Talk to them and get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Let them feel the authority but don’t get bossy. Work with them for the collective growth of your company, because it is as yours as it your employee’s. If you are able to accept this, then your business will surely succeed.

  • Be unbiased

Create a transparent atmosphere where feedbacks are given to the face instead of doing it anonymously. Don’t be biased towards any particular employees that you are fond of. People take note of such things and get affected by it too, which ultimately hinders the productivity of the company.

Lastly, keep evolving with time. Don’t be afraid of changes. Keep adapting to new things because change is the only constant.

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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