How to Avoid Ad Blocking for Your Advertisements

While it is true that mobile marketing is the latest, the most popular digital marketing strategy, but ad blocks are way too common too. So, how are you supposed to survive the ad blocking?
Ad blocking isn’t exactly a concept of this age, but it has existed for many decades now. What is new is that ad blocks have now taken onto mobiles as well. If we peak into the history for a while, it was in 1999 that TiVo first allowed viewers to fast forwards through ads for the first time in history, and then came the popular extension AdBlock which allowed users to block ads on websites. In fact, now gamers go for premium gaming apps, in order to avoid the ads in between levels.

On the latest, Apple had announced that it would be adding ad block on its phones, all businesses across the world went a little panicky. After all, they have invested quite a lot on mobile advertising, understanding what the customers are looking, how to improve their experiences, and slaving over return of investment numbers.

Let’s get real now! In this war against ad block, you need to produce ads that have some value. So, we bring to you a list of tips that will help you with mobile branding success.

(1) You need to start with respecting your customers. Your apps cannot interrupt their app content. Your ads should appear during the natural break-ins in the app, otherwise if you are interrupting a game, you will likely face the wrath of your user. For example, your ad could play in between levels, when the user is most likely excited about the win from the previous level. It is all about the timing.

(2) You have to be very creative with your ad, because people tend to spend less than 7 seconds on an ad, and it order to get their attention, you have to make sure your ad begins right. You need to be playful and bring out the energy through your ad.

(3) Your ad should be relevant to your customer, and also to the app or website where it appears. For example, if you have a business that wants to hire professionals for the IT department, you need to post an ad on a tech site or app. Click-through rate increases significantly based on the relevance, because that is where you find your target audience.

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