How to Make Sure Your Content is Shared

In the age of digital marketing, content marketing is something has spread like wildfire in the entire marketing industry. But, do you feel you haven’t been able to generate the most eye-spinning, attention grabbing content? Or you are not getting the traction your content seems to deserves, because, hey, you are spending your time and valuable resources in coming up with the best you could.

Let us do a quick reality check. We live a world where content is available in excess. So, it is so difficult to grab someone’s attention in any one specific direction, no matter how great your content is and how valuable it might be for them. So creating content is just one half of the battle, the other half involves spending money and resources into marketing and promoting your content amongst various audiences in order for them to not only notice it, but also consume it.

So, we bring to some tactics that you might want to use in order to grab eyeballs for your splendid content. Read along:

Your first job is to be able to understand who your audience specifically is. You need to be aware as who actually needs your content. Most often, surprisingly enough, most business owners and marketing teams tend to get this very first step wrong. It is 2018, and the concept of producing content for the masses won’t work. Your content has to be specific.

Your next job would be to understand how much your audience is actually aware about the problem and its solution. The type of content you create or people who have no idea about their pains and problems is so much more different than the content you create for people are aware about the problem but not about the solution. So, what you want to educate your customers about is also a big decision you might have to make.

You last job is to figure out what emotion you wish to evoke within your customers. Again, you have to specify the emotion. Do you wish to end a problem? Are you wanting to help them have a better understanding of themselves? Or are you trying to eliminate a current practice and introduce a better alternative? It is important for you to evoke a certain emotion in them, because people will concentrate on your product or service if they have some sort of a personal connection towards it.

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