Ideas for Re-decorating the Bathroom [Complete Guide]

Are you bored of looking at the outdated bathroom at your place? Are you looking forward to changing it, but are confused about how to do so without spending much? Well, it’s as simple and inexpensive as it can get. Here are a few ways you can redecorate your bathroom at minimal costs.

bathroom redecorating ideas

Replace the Lighting

The best upgrade you can ever give to your bathroom has to be the lighting. Paired with the right color, proper lighting can lift the mood as per a Swedish study. The best part is that changing it is one of the most inexpensive and least difficult things to do. What is adds though, is much more to your bathroom – a larger and fresher look!

Fluorescent lighting and old fixtures cast undesirable and unattractive shadows. They also add odd shared of color in the space. In case it is not possible for you to change the fixture, you can always change the bulb and replace it with a fluorescent bulb with a warmer color. It will surely add the essence of a bright, sunny day to your bathroom.

Paint it in your Colors!

Once you’ve fixed the lighting, the next easy thing to do is paint. It’s a quick upgrade for any bathroom. For the larger surfaces including the walls, you can pick lighter hues; richer tones and darker shared are suitable for the accents. Before you paint the entire place, make sure you check how the colors look in your lighting as the temperature and lighting can affect the appearance of a shade. All you need to do is set aside a weekend and give your bathroom a severe yet positive facelift. Don’t forget, only the walls won’t need your attention. You must paint the cabinets too.

Add a few Artworks

Abandoned and unadorned walls look quite depressing in the bathrooms. You can purchase a few treated canvas prints which are not only affordable but water resistant too. For the best visual impact, go for oversized proportions. You can also create customized wall art by having a local printer blow up your favorite photos. It will definitely add a unique look. These days, custom printers create canvas prints and even waterproof them by lamination.

Upgrade the Hardware

An easy yet quick up[grade for any bathroom would be changing the hardware like the toilet paper holder, towel bars and drawer pulls. This can definitely be a major upgrade, especially if your bathroom currently adorns the gold brass circa 1978.

It is simple to replace these fixtures as all you need to do is unscrew the old ones and screw in the new and fresh hardware. It really is the minimum of hassle.

What more? Maybe you can accessorize your bathroom with stuff from the flea market or add more color in the form of curtains. There are simply a lot of small things that can make a huge impact. All you need to do is get going!

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