How to Implement Value Based Leadership in a Business

To ensure that the company is running successfully and robustly can be an easy task if the business owner strives towards it with proper strategies. This power and responsibility usually lies with the people of higher authority in the organization – someone like the CEO, the top management. It is no surprise when I say that every task filters from the top, every responsibility, the work culture, the morals and the environment.

The productivity of the company’s performance reflects in the way the people of the organization are treated and taken care of. The productivity can be greatly impacted if there is a major communication gap, and this is one the most common reasons why there can be mishap in the company.

There are a few qualities and behavioral habits that every company head should employ and the following list gives just the same. So, future CEOs read along to find out what it is that needs observation:

(1) The first attribute on the list is the one that is most misused and misinterpreted – Feedback. It is important to understand that feedback is simple a viewpoint and no one needs to be too objective about it. The moment you understand that feedback is just feedback, nothing less or nothing more, the ability to deal with problems improves. It is equally important to give feedback in the correct way too, without upsetting or offending the other person. You cannot be judgmental or unkind.

(2) The second attribute on the list is work. A business grows only when people in it do their jobs, complete their projects on time. And, as a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that people do their jobs and don’t indulge in tittle-tattle. It is important to ensure that your employees understand the reason why they joined the organization and what value they add to the company.

(3) It is crucial to surround yourself with people who elevate your personality and indulge in mindful interactions. Your employees should understand the vision of the organization and feel motivated and positive.

(4) Develop a team that is willing to support one another at all times. Team spirit is what you need to build, so that employees genuinely feel connected to the business.

(5) As a leader, it is your job to guide your team, and at the same time allow them to lead their own thoughts. It is important that you allow them to use their creativity and thought to do their job.


Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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