How to Improve your Online Ad’s Reach

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If you want to improve your Google AdWords’ reach, there are a few tips you could use that would increase your click through rate, as well as lower your cost per click. So, let us improve your pay-per-click campaign.

  • Setting up a conversion tracking: Conversion tracker is a tool that allows you to monitor what happens after a customer clicks on your ad- whether they purchase the product, sign up for the newsletters, call or leave a message, etc. in case you are using a third-party software make sure you check your software regularly and measure your conversions.
  • Check your campaign settings: Keep a written record of your settings and occasionally check for any broken codes. Look for any broken formatting or dead links. You should also make sure your ad copy matches to your landing page. No one really likes clicking on an ad and landing on to a different page altogether, it can be irritating.
  • Optimization: Spend time optimizing the good “outliers”, meaning the keywords or ad groups that perform better than everything else. You could spend your time optimizing every last element of your pay-per-click campaigns, but that’s not smart. You could raise the bid for the high-performing keywords, while for poorly performing keywords, you could lower the bid or remove them altogether.
  • Google’s keyword planner: Find new keywords, go digging on there to find new keywords that could boost your campaign and get you more clicks. Try aiming for the top position on any webpage. When your ad moves to the top of the page above the organic results, the positive difference in click-through rate (CTR) is massive. Use your “Top vs. Other” report to see this spelled out in hard numbers.
  • Try and test: Never assume that your ad campaign has reached hit its ceiling and you could relax. Keep trying new ads, test new images and keywords. New headline, new image, anything can spice it up, and further increase your click through rate.
  • Design your ad carefully: Include the key-phrases in the ad’s headline. Make careful use of the punctuation. Capitalize the important words. Make careful use of the words “Free”, “Sale” and “Discount”. Use specific and concrete numbers wherever possible.

Always look for new topics or keywords you could expand upon. Look for new sites where you can feature your ads. Keep looking!


Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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