Top 5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Small Homes [2019]

So you have got to work with a small kitchen. Maybe it is a small rental room or a room you can call your own that you have got with your blood and sweat. Maybe you have a foot or two to call a counter, and maybe it doesn’t leave you enough room to work with or for you to get creative and to help you show off your interior decorating skills. Fear not.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Small Homes

With this article, give yourself even an inch or two of kitchen space and you will be able to make the most of it with these 5 tips and tricks. The next time your guests come, don’t be shy to show off your small but quaint and classy kitchen and make their jaws drop.

1. Store Things Up High

The first step towards getting some space in your kitchen is to store things up high to free up some valuable space. If you have some space between your cabinets and your ceiling, then you have ample space. Store up your cups, plates, glasses, and cutlery to free up a lot of space to make your tabletop look spacious and clean.

2. Use Your Green Thumb

Bring out your green thumb and open your creative side by putting up pots of small but pretty plants all around the window sills or on your table tops in your kitchen. These plants make your space brighter and happier. Plus, plants are good for the ecosystem so, win-win.

3. Get Some Statement Lighting

Lighting up your small kitchen space is the ultimate answer to all your worries. Add additional lightings, we’re talking bulbs, stylish lanterns, fairy lights, anything that can be hanged and that goes with the overall theme or color of the kitchen. Also, keep things white. The whiter the brighter. It gives the illusion of things being bigger and white looks cleaner and sophisticated. Another way to make your kitchen seem less claustrophobic is to add as many windows as possible. It brings in light and sunshine and helps to let air in, too.

4. Go Modern

Modernization taught us that minimalistic is the best way to go for. The lesser the stuff, the bigger space and the bigger it looks. Opt out your bulky hardware, cabinets, drawers, and furniture. Instead, try for sleek and streamlined designed objects in and around your kitchen. Also, opt for low searing stools and chairs to not take up too much space and for it to not take up too much space.

5. Mirrored Kitchen Cabinets

Mirrors make space look much bigger than they actually are. They create the illusion that the reflections are extra space, immediately giving you the desired outcome to make your space look bigger. Also, higher ceilings make space look bigger as well. Lacquered walls, with the right color that compliments your walls, look like they’re extended much higher than they actually are.

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