How to Make your Office more Eco Friendly?

ecofriendly office

At a time when the whole world is going pro eco friendly, it is time that you too start thinking on the same lines. Because there will be no future if we do not acknowledge the current scenario at hand. If each one of us start undoing the hazard that we created then we might at least have a chance of saving the earth. The sooner we realize the better.Now we cannot restore it back to its pristine condition but we can always stop the ongoing damage and move in a different, non polluting way forward.

To begin with, one can turn theirĀ  workplace into a eco friendly hub.

For that,

  • Pen

Use reusable pens. US alone discards 4 tonnes of pen bodies daily! Instead of throwing them away keep a stock of refills. It will also cut your costs.

  • Paper

Print only when absolutely necessary. Keep other things on your devices or online. Make all the corrections and take out the print. Also print on both sides or use the blank side of discarded pages for rough work. Use recycled and chlorine free paper.

  • Power

Everyone knows to switch off appliances when not in use but few know that plugged in devices too consume energy. From now onwards, along with switching off the buttons start removing the plugs from the socket too.

Also as far as possible utilize sunlight in the daytime and keep the lights switched off.

  • Going the solar way

This can be done in a already set up office too. Installation of solar panels is a once in a lifetime investment. Till the time solar panels are installed, one can start using solar battery rechargers.

  • Composting

The stress on resources is increasing at an exponential rate. At 7 billion and counting, the population is not in any way under control. The housing, employment and waste management of this huge population requires the kind of space that we currently do not have. And land is not something like a fuel which can be generated. So, the lesser amount of garbage reaches the landfill, the best.

Biogas plants aren’t feasible to set up for small offices. For them, composting their organic waste is an option. Organic waste includes peels of fruits, vegetables, paper et cetera. These can be easily segregated by having a two bin system. The organic one can be composted. This responsibility can be given to the employees themselves and used as a team building activity.

If you are constructing your office from scratch, then there are a whole lot of options to build it in a eco friendly manner.

  • It can have underground vent to keep the temperature under check during all seasons. An air conditioner wouldn’t be required at all in such a building because in summers cool air will be circulated from the underground chamber and vice versa happens in winters.
  • The architecture of the building should be in such a way so as to utilize maximum of the daylight and reduce electricity consumption. Not only will this save bills but also save energy. Do not use glass that traps heat and warms up the room.

Eco friendly paints and bricks should be used.

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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