Most Affordable Metro Vancouver Cities

Are you looking for affordable real estate outside of Vancouver? Countless metro Vancouver cities have affordable real estate that’s available right now. From Coquitlam real estate to homes in New West, you’ll be amazed by all of your choices.

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Get the details on the best places to live if you want a great deal on real estate. These affordable metro Vancouver cities will allow you to stay within your budget while enjoying lots of amenities. 


If you want to live in an affordable city, check out Coquitlam real estate. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is just over $300,000 in Coquitlam. These aren’t small one-bedroom apartments without amenities, either. You can expect large living spaces, new kitchens, and lots of amenities. Plus, when you buy Coquitlam real estate, you will be close to lots of activities. You can spend your days shopping for deals at Coquitlam Centre or enjoying the green spaces. Nature is on display in Coquitlam while still providing the amenities you expect in the city. That makes it a great place to live.  

Port Moody

You can find a one-bedroom in Port Moody for just over $300,000 as well. This city also has lots of fixer-uppers that you can get for a deal. Then, you can put some TLC into the property and make it a showpiece. Port Moody has more than affordable real estate. It’s home to lots of shops, and the waterfront beaches are a huge draw. It also has gorgeous green spaces for you to enjoy. Plus, Port Moody is home to the Port Moody Arts Centre. You will love browsing the artwork there. 

Surrey Central

Do you want to save even more money? Surrey Central might be the right choice for you. You can find a one-bedroom apartment here for just $250,000. These apartments might be affordable, but they are chock full of amenities, such as underground parking. Plus, the city is packed with things to do, including ice skating and swimming pools. Also, you can hop on a Skytrain at one of the three downtown stations to find your next adventure. 

New West

New West is another solid option. It’s easy to find a one-bedroom apartment for $250,000 to $300,000, and some are as low as $200,000. The apartments are usually loaded with amenities such as gyms. Plus, the city itself is fun to explore. You can catch a concert or relax in one of the green spaces. You can also catch the latest installation at an art gallery or take in the nightlife. You won’t get bored if you live here. You’ll also have lots of disposable income due to the affordable real estate.

Choosing Real Estate

You have lots of options for affordable real estate in the metro Vancouver area. Many people choose Coquitlam real estate, but that is just one of the options. Start exploring affordable real estate so you can find your perfect home. With a little bit of research, you can find the place of your dreams without going over your budget. 

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