Selecting A Great Real Estate Agent If You’re Buying

If you are looking to buy real estate property, you really are looking for someone who will take the whole process as seriously as you. You are looking for an ally who will personally champion your concerns. Your objective should not just be to buy a certain piece of property but to get the best deal you can. These are two totally different concerns.

Too many buyers just content themselves with finding a broker who can find and buy property for them. Neglecting the broker’s bargaining skills increases your chances of overpaying for a piece of property. Above all else, you should look for a person who will be your ally and seriously act as your alter ego in the negotiation process. Look for the following qualities in the brokers you are considering.

Extensive Public and Private Listing Network

This is non-negotiable. For you to get the best property and the best deal, you have to have an adequate supply of properties to choose from. Whatever it is you are interested in buying, from homes to vacant lands to industrial parks to farm properties, you need as much choice as possible. Your chances of buying the wrong property increases when there just aren’t too many properties to choose from. It is much easier to get desperate when you are dealing with slim pickings.

As you can imagine, desperate decisions often lead to regret later. It is crucial that the agent you are considering has access to an extensive database of both public listings but also exclusive private listings. Also,  better realtors would have a list of properties that have not hit the public listings yet.

Solid Negotiator

The biggest danger in buying property is paying too much. Your investment’s return is compromised seriously when you overpay. You will probably get your money back but it will take a while longer than if you paid the right price. Avoid this problem by selecting a broker who is a solid negotiator. This person must be skilled at reading the buyer and his or her agent and delivering a price low enough and believable enough to get you to the right price.

No Sugar Coating

Let’s face it-when it comes to selling real estate, snags happen. There are just so many things that can get knocked loose-from unwilling sellers to complications with the property to regulatory or political issues. You need a broker who will tell it to you straight. Avoid mere salesmen who sugar coat the news so you can ingest it better. You are looking for people who deal with reality straight and who take proactive steps to produce the results you deserve.

Alice Porter is an avid writer who specialises in property management in Manchester is passionate about sharing her knowledge to first time buyers and new business owners.

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