Some Top Types of Faucets that you Need to Know About for your Kitchen

Kitchen Faucets

Your kitchen is probably one of the most underrated places at your home. Remember, it is where the food is. this is why you surely need to pay more attention to the faucets that are placed in your kitchen. Read ahead to know about some of the top and most famous types of faucets that are installed by people in their kitchen. With this expert information at your fingertips, you can be sure to get the best for yourself.

  1. Single hole faucets: Well, the first one up in our list is the single hole faucet. It is surely one of the most common types of faucets that is used in the kitchen. The reason why it is no named is that you will need only one hole in the countertop of your kitchen to be able to install it. It is indeed a very simple piece in its design and that is why it goes well with most interiors. There is a single sprout for the water. In fact, another pro of the single hole faucet is that it is available everywhere.
  2. Centerest: Coming to the second type of most common faucets used in the kitchen, this is the one which has two handles or two holes. As it must be obvious by now, there are two separate handles and while one is for hot water, the other one is for cold water. With the requirement for multiple holes for installation, they are quite a popular pick amongst families. The reason why it is opted for is that the design is more appealing when compared to the single hole faucet.
  3. Widespread: It has been noticed that people often get confused between centerest and the widespread type of faucets of kitchens. This is because though they may seem similar at one glance, they are actually different. What happens in centerest is that the base is just one. However, in case of widespread faucets, the individual pieces are all separately installed. This implies that there is at least 6 inches or so space between them. the top benefits of this category are that you can get the designs customized according to your needs and it works well with add-on features such as soap dispensers that are quite popular in most households.
  4. Pull-out: This may be the last one on our list but you will definitely get more options if you read up on the world wide web. These are kitchen faucets that can be pulled closer to you with their head being attached with a hose or “snake”. They are one of the best types of faucets that you can install because they are versatile and great for washing the dishes. It helps you to prevent the spilling over of water. In fact, tough stains on the dishes can also be removed with these faucets because the force of the water spray can be controlled.

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