Tips to Design a Sleep-Friendly Bedroom for your Child [2019]

Getting kids to sleep is one of the, if not the, most difficult jobs in the world of parenting. While renovating their room to make it look more sleep-inducing might not help in their tricky sleep issues but it would certainly work in your favour to get your kids to calm down and get to sleep faster.

Sleep-Friendly Bedroom for your Child

Here are 5 important points that set the stage for good night’s sleep:

Darken your kids’ bedroom

A child’s sleep time is very important for their mental and physical growth. Only sleeping for the recommended amount of time is not enough. It’s of core importance that kids get uninterrupted sleep at night.

The best way to get your kids to sleep is to have an ideal set up for a dark room at night to not let them get disturbed by lights like streetlights or surrounding lights. If your kids have trouble sleeping in total darkness, keep a soft night light on for them. You can install dark curtains and slightly dark but not gloomy wall colours.

Make comfortable bedding arrangements

The best environment a child can have for sleeping is to have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Hard beds or uneven bedding can hamper their sleep leading to them being groggy from sleep deprivation. Give them soft pillows, comfy mattresses, full-length body pillows, and memory foams.

Create a perfect napping area

Kids will feel much safer and at home if their rooms were designed according to their personality, preferences, and likes. If your kid likes superheroes, go ahead and get a marvel themed fan or a table. If they like barbies, get them a poster or a dollhouse to keep in their room. Get matching themed furnitures like a soft recliner or a bean bag, too. And, if your child is old enough, get him or her a pet to keep as a company for nights where they might feel a little lonely. A sense of calm will overcome them when they know that they have a friend in their room.

Important add-ons for the comfort of your child

Your child will have difficulty sleeping if they don’t have a proper hygienic or a damp room to live in. Make sure the room has proper ventilation and gets enough air and sunlight during the day. Put houseplants in their room to help purify the air. Be creative and hang them up to make it more attractive and fun for them. Keep some flowers on the window sill to make the place more attractive and calming. Put a proper netting to avoid them getting bit by mosquitoes during the night.

Good storage

If your kids’ room is a mess, it immediately gives off a frenzied atmosphere where a child cannot calm down. They need a clean environment to sleep peacefully. Prepare good storage spaces for them to keep their stuff like cabinets, cupboards, drawers where they can keep their toys, clothes, etc.

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