Top tips for choosing the perfect home

When looking for a new home, you could too easily be swayed by the more immediately obvious attractions of a house, like an exquisitely-designed front porch, while overlooking important problems – such as an over-budget price. Thankfully, however, sorting the pearls from the swine can be much easier when you know what specific features to look out for – and which ones to give a wide berth.

Outline your priorities

Before even starting your house search, you should make notes of everything you consider a “must-have” in a residence, as advised on Houzz. In doing this, seek input from everyone else who will be living in the home alongside you. Then, narrow your notes down to your top five or three priorities.

Doing all of this is recommended because, early in your search, you could find yourself easily enticed by lots of different endearing features. However, with your priorities list always on you, perhaps saved on your phone for regular and ready perusal, it will be easier for you not to get carried away.

Draw up and regularly update a comparison chart

If your search takes you as far as seeing at least a dozen houses, you could soon lose track of what house has what specific features. However, before you set off to any residence, you should make a comparison chart or checklist which you then take with you to each home.

During or immediately following each tour, add notes to this chart or checklist. Keep in mind not only basics, like beds and baths, but also factors like the building’s landscaping, storage space, the amount of natural light, and cost per square foot. Still, consider this strategy simply something to help guide you in making a decision, rather than substituting a thorough home inspection.

Let the butterflies free before you inspect too closely

No, we don’t mean butterflies of that kind – however pretty and rural the house’s setting may look. Here, a big point we want to make is that, when you first look through a house, you could find yourself too excited to focus on anything in particular. For that reason, it’s wise to allow yourself to, at first, wander around the space without even attempting close scrutiny.

Then, once you are no longer feeling that early rush of excitement, you are in a better position to completely start over with your tour. Yes, we mean returning right to the house’s front before getting out a clipboard and pen and using them to make detailed notes as you browse the property at a slower pace. Look through the house like an inspector, not a possible buyer.

This technique can help you to see interesting little details that might have escaped your notice the first time round. Were you to browse one of the South East England residences built by Millwood Designer Homes, for example, you could notice a wide array of highly unique touches that are possible with the individual designs that this award-winning house builder can work to.


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