Which Colour should your Room be?

Living room

While choosing an appropriate colour for your bedroom, it is important to keep in mind that this is your personal space meant for specific needs like sleeping, resting and relaxation. Also, not to forget those long hours of book reading or listening to music on the speakers and dancing like no one os watching. Hence selecting from subtle and pastels shades can justify your choice and satisfy your needs. A dream home with its dream room is something we all want and work hard all our life for. After a tiring and exhausting day at work, it is only home- calling that motivates us to get back to work the next day. What would be the benefit of your abode if it has everything to offer but not a peaceful room for you to unwind in?

  1. Light or icy blue rooms look beautiful. They represent peace, calm and serenity. Teamed with white or nude colour curtains they’d look fantastic. They also represent oceans and the immensity of the sky thus extremely soothing to the eye and the mind. Antique furniture and marble showpieces can add the much-needed flavour and beauty to it.
  2. People who love green are considered to be nature lovers. It’s an extremely earthy color and invokes the feeling of being amidst nature and natural beauty. It has the elements of being warm and cool. Lime and other soft and versatile shades can be easily used for the bedroom. Contrasting colour curtains, lamp shades and Gautam Buddha wall hangings would look gorgeous. Try buying small earthen pots and plant small saplings. Keep them by the window side or on your study table. They are a great and inexpensive way to decorate your room while helping to contribute towards a greener environment.
  3. Lavender, mauve and greys are also fantastic options to choose from. They are considered to be stress- reducing colors while having a pacifying and appeasing effect on the mind and body.
  4. Bright colours like orange, red, royal blue or purple should be utilised smartly else can be too overwhelming and overdone. Always remember that what over dramatization can’t simplicity can. They may interfere with your sleep and that’s surely not the reason why you designed a bedroom in the very first place.
  5. Caramel shades, light browns and soothing yellows can have a pacifying effect on your body and mind thus helping you enjoy the bliss of a well- painted and furnished bedroom. Your bedroom should be your own personal anchorage of tranquillity. Soothing pallets of whites, gold and silver are popular choices for bedrooms.

Just selecting the right colour for the bedroom is not sufficient because there are various other important aspects to be considered in making your private den the best place to unravel and rest. Area rugs, taupe, blankets, bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, drawers, lamp shades, light stands, cupboards, switches, plug points, lighting and appropriately sized windows are a few more aspects to list that must be selected and positioned in close liaison with the wall colour.

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